Returning to Hope

While I was living in Mexico, I was so impressed by how young people were eager to be helpful and how they behaved themselves with honor, dignity and civility. I loved the fact that nearly everyone of all ages treated each other in a thoughtful and caring way. I remember wishing that people here at home would be that way, like I remember them being when I was young.

I came home to live in Los Angeles a few years later and was most pleasantly surprised that my wish was coming true. I am retired now and my greatest pleasure is to spend my days meeting new people and listening to their stories.
Most of the young people I encounter here are, in their own way, slowly turning our society back into one where all people are considered worthy of respect no matter their particular station in life.

It is painfully true that we are governed by a (thankfully) relatively small group of greedy and self serving people from what I call the “me first” generation, it is my belief that it will not be long before that dreadful power will fade away and die of old age.

I plan on living a long time with the hope that I will still be here to see it.
–love, Spike


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