Another Chance at Another Chance at Life

While I was living in Mexico, a doctor specializing in Urology told me that it had recently been discovered that in some cases, the condition of Neurogenic Bladder in males can be corrected by removal of scar tissue in the bladder combined with resection  and partial removal of the prostate. It would involve a number of tests to assess the exact nature of the damage and the condition of both organs. If certain markers were met then there would be a roughly fifty percent chance that the surgery would work.

Unfortunately by the time that doctor in Mexico told me about this chance, I had already run out of money and I was unable to finance the cost of going through the lengthy process. If you’ve been following my adventures for a while you will know that a little over a year ago I had gotten so sick and deranged from bacterial infections having taken over my body and brain. I was left with no choice but to leave my beloved home in the Yucatán and to be sent back to California so that I could get on Medi-Cal (the State Medicaid program) and finally get the care I needed in order to stay alive.

Ever since then I have been working on recovering and gradualy getting health back and trying to put my life back together while working my way through the beurocratic mazes of healthcare and social services. Finally, after all these years I was able to get all the medical attention I needed. I was blessed to land up in one of the best clinics in the world and little by little, over time, my body really is beginning to heal.

Well, the surgery worked! Yesterday the catheter came out and I peed just like everyone else for the first time in seventeen years. When this all started the doctors told me there was no cure for my condition and I’d be living with it for the rest of my life. I have no idea how many times I’ve been hospitalized and nearly died from infections caused by this but I do know that the longest I ever went without infection was a little less than six months and some years I was in the hospital as many as six times.

It always amazes me how far the advancement in medical procedure has come in such a short time. Things that were impossible just seventeen years ago are now comonplace.

This changes my life.

This gives me back my life.

Thank you all for helping me get through it.

—With love, 

❤️Philip Andrew Merrick – “Spike”


One thought on “Another Chance at Another Chance at Life

  1. mykarmagirl says:

    Beautifully written Philip. You can feel the pain, frustration, gratefulness, and joy in your words. You are on the road to a new beginning ❣️


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