Storyteller Type Personality


I use built in Notes app on my iPad and iPhone to keep track of everything. I’ve been doing that for years, ever since I got my first palm pilot, back in the nineties.

Everything I probably won’t remember. Shoe repair guy address, somebody’s favorite color, the date of my last haircut, shopping lists, curtain measurements, like that (all right yes! I AM a Virgo).

So naturally, now that I write stories for fun and profit, I use it to jot down random stories ideas, plots, outlines, conversations and yeah okay I’ll admit it. My laptop bit the dust. So okay, now I even use it to actually WRITE all this crap.

So anyway, I was scrolling along, looking for something and I found this outline for a short story I haven’t written and had forgotten.

Thinking what’s this? I read it and I thought gosh, what a cute little poem.

So here goes…
(hope you like it)



-(just came up with that while I was pasting)-

~~~~a poem by Philip Andrew Merrick


I suppose I’ve always been this way

Probably a psychological term for it

Those types of people who think in stories

You’ve probably met one of them

Thoughts come in complete punctuated sentences

Topics wrapped neatly in nice short and tidy paragraphs

Usually just three or four sentences each

Maybe five, deepening the description

Each one individual

and thoughtfully following the one before

All in chronological order

With the final efficient paragraph

Effectively and briefly

Concluding the story

With the fond and silent hope

That when the readers

Finally close the book

They will relax and sit back

And begin to wonder

are there really more of us?

after all?

not just me.

—-love, Spike


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