Dita Von Teese, Champagne, Penthouse and Photographs


Dita von Teese, the famous and glamorous burlesque artist, shared this photograph from a fashion layout she had recently done for her lingerie line. It was done in the penthouse of the marvelous Art Deco James Oviatt building in downtown Los Angeles.

When I was a twenty one year old fashion model, we did a shoot for Vogue in that penthouse. This was 1976 and in those days it was completely empty. The building manager told me it had been left that way ever since Mr. Oviatt died. I have no idea how many decades it had sat there empty and yet impeccably cared for and maintained and spotlessly clean, gleaming with shiny marble and exotic wood throughout in its glorious deco splendor.

That bathroom! Dreams!      (Photos: google images)

I remember one shot of me lying in the black marble tub, no water in it, wearing black tie with my (still dark) hair slicked back. The supermodel in an evening gown and fabulous jewels, kneeling down on a black mink coat on one knee and slowly pouring champagne on my face as I looked up at her longingly.

I wish I had a copy of that photo. I would love to bring it out to share with you here. Alas, for me now, it only exists in a back corner of my memory and perhaps in some musty old archive of Vogue Magazine.

Funny the things that stay in our memories when we get older.


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