I slowed down enough to try to figure out wordpress and I got as far as adding menus. So I can’t tell you how to dig deeper and I will leave that up to anyone who finds their way to this page.

Your guess is as good as any as to how many stories are in there but I’m thinking it’s probably in the hundreds by now. I did find the “stats” so I can tell you that collectively they have been read by over twelve thousand people in all countries except the ones that are shown on many maps as being sparsely populated. The stat map shows each country in different colors and it’s the white ones at the top and bottom that nobody or only one or two people are reading my stories. It’s been my only continuing goal in life since the day I first heard a story.

I’ll keep trying to categorize all this mess an let’s see where we end up.

Now move along little fella, don’t bother the customers.


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